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First Waterproofing has always followed a philosophy of providing the very best services with the best products and materials used in the industry . Our commitment to excellence is our core value. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we reach it every day by relying on our attention to customer service, by providing customized solutions for every job, we guarantee that we will never compromise on quality, safety and efficiency.

This approach together with our vast experience and knowledge allows us to effectively handle a wide variety of projects, from small to big, indoors or outdoors, renovations or repairs.

Waterproofing Your Basement: What We Can Do

Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

The problem of finding water in a basement is not new. It happens to homeowners all of the time. Many homeowners will blame the water on rain or on other factors. While it is important to know why there is water in the basement, it is just as important to solve the problems. As professionals, we can evaluate what is causing a basement to have water and we can come up with the best solutions to the problem.

We offer waterproofing solutions that work. This is not a task that should be taken on by the homeowners. As professionals, we understand that there are certain procedures that must be followed to make sure that the structural stability of the home is not compromised. We take the time to evaluate the home for load distribution so there is no damage created by the work we do or the water that is getting into the basement.

There will be many homeowners that will turn to the products that can be found at the local home improvement store. These products are usually a sealant that covers the spot where the water is coming in. It does not address the core issue, which is, how the water to get to the basement in the first place. These products may work well at first, but they usually become less effective as the water continues to get to the basement and the problem becomes bigger. The products from a home improvement store do not address any damage that may have already been caused by water either.

A homeowner can waste their time and money on a product that provides temporary relief, but we would rather have them call out a team of professionals to do the work the right way so water is no longer an issue for a home. Our professionals can offer plenty of services to the homeowner that will improve their home.

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